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reflection is a flower of the mind
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I've felt really blessed fanlistings wise lately <3! I am so incredibly proud to plug these 2 new babies, like you have no idea!


First off!!! I was so happily approved by TAFL staff for this amazing character: Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara!! hgkdfhgkd I still can't believe I have his fanlisting, I just love Shizu to pieces x:! If you're not watching this anime yet, or read the manga or novels, omg what're you waiting for?! Dx It's so good omg xD! I still need to fix a little div problem with it but it's up and running! I need to plug at the boards yet x: I keep forgetting to do so /is shot.

Last but not least, I was granted the opportunity and great honor to adopt the Ichihara Yuuko fanlisting from the kind, Terra. I am very very very proud of this layout ever since I finished the design and even after coding it (which is rare lol).  I just wanted to give Yuuko, something worthy of her amazingness <33! Still need to plug this one too xD!
I've been meaning to update for several days now! Another of my domains has been revamped and updated finally. This time it's lockon-stratos.net's turn! This was a gift from my darling vainilla <33! The main image is one of my absolute faves and I like the gray and red cholor scheme a lot!  

Last but not least, I am proud to present my newest baby: Words in the Wind, the Aries Shion fanlisting! I was dying to own his fanlisting and getting this approval made my day in so many ways! <33!! I still need to make a second skin with the original series but at the time well I was running out of time lol. Please join if you are a fan!! Either of his appearance in the original series, next dimension, or lost canvas! :3

That's all for now!! Hopefully I'll be updating soon with more! ♥
Another update in such a small time!! Hehe xD! This layout has been dying to come out since the end of last year :3!! It's a special and up til now secret tee hee joint project between me, hiroto , and choir !!! It's been loads of fun to plan and go through with this x3!! We decided to call this special project: Operation Bloody Seduction ♥ and its inspired by the sexy BL game, Togainu no Chi.  All the content is pretty much the same except for the Network section xDDD!

Be sure to check hiroto  and choir 's layouts! They're so gorgeous omg *A*!!!

There will be another update soon! Lots of stuff this month! :3
14th-Feb-2010 10:25 pm - 004: Pomegranate fl
My latest fanlisting! I fell in love with this fruit late last year and applied at once when I saw it was open for apps! The layout is very simple, I was really stuck coming up with something and it suddenly came to me haha.♥

Finally after many months, my youngest baby, Shirafune.org, has a layout! I made this layout several weeks ago but since I suddenly got swamped with work I wasn't able to get around to coding it. This layout is very different to anything I've ever made, it even has a huge header which I'm always against lol, but it just worked so well this time.

16th-Oct-2009 11:40 pm - 002: Kanjou: version 14
I actually posted this on twitter and over at the TAFL boards a few days ago but I wanted to start posting updates such as this over here :3! It took me practically ages to revamp my collective and move it to it's new location over at fan.jukkou.net; I actually made 4 layout attempts before this one and coded only the first one, but I wasn't too happy with the result after a while hence the several versions after it.

I guess I just wanted something clean, simple, and functional. Chose black and white to get the nice and clean feeling, and the red to give it some life. Still need to move my Bleach fanlistings to Shirafune.org but everything else is like it should be. ;3

16th-Oct-2009 09:30 pm - 001: First post!
Finally!!! For such a long time now I've been trying to get an updates comm for my domains to stop spamming on my personal lj with pimps haha, but I could never ever come up with a decent name until today! It just BAM! suddenly came to me today and it truly made me happy haha!

Anyway, this comm is purely for any updates related to any of my four domains: Jukkou.net, Tamaharu.org, Lockon-Stratos.net, and Shirafune.org. This will include pimps for fanlistings, shrines, revamps, etc etc etc.

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